Hey Stranger! 

Welcome to Results Driven and the 21-Day Shred!

This is an exclusive 3 week fitness experience.

Learn healthy eating habits and how to work out the right way!

 Build muscle, burn fat, and have a lot of fun! 

The 21-Day Shred starts July 25th.

What's included?

*Unlimited team training sessions.

*Unlimited nutrition accountability meetings.

*3 week Results Driven meal plan.

*3 Small group training sessions

*Functional Movement Screen.

*Body composition and measurements.

*A one-on-one goal setting session.

*Support from a like-minded community.



Results Driven Fitness Systems wants to help you



Team Support

You're never alone at RD. Results coaches and nutrition coaches are there to help you reach your goals.

Nutrition Education

What should you be eating? This isn't a diet. Learn the strategies you need to know to build habits for success.

Functional Training

Functional training is hollistic training. Regain mobility and strength while dropping fat and building muscle.

Community Support

Everyone at RD is going through change. It's not easy. Doing it as a group makes bettering yourself more fun!

No fad diets, boring workouts or fluff.

Just Results!

What members are saying:

"Joining Results Driven was one of the best decisions I ever made for my health and fitness goals. 

You always workout with a coach, and they all know and treat you as a friend. 

Results Driven also has a big piece of the fitness/fat loss puzzle that most gyms don't have. Nutritional Counseling. At Results Driven they actually teach you what, how, and when to eat. And yes, you can still eat good food and see results if you do it right. 

Results Driven is not just a gym. It's a community of cool people with like minded goals who constantly push and drive each other."

- Bob C. of Monroe - Individual Winner, Memorial Day Meltdown 2015

"RD has not only transformed my body, it has changed my way of eating. 

I am healthier, stronger and happier since I joined this wonderful gym with awesome coaches and great members, all who encourage each other!!"

- Josephine B. of Middletown - Team Winner, Memorial Day Meltdown 2015

"This place kicks ass! There is not much more I can say about it. 

The people and trainers are cool and they all push you to do what you didn't think you could. Awesome place!"

- Ashley S. of Central Valley - Individual Winner, Fall Fit in 45

"For years I worked out. I never got any results until I joined Results Driven Fitness. 

My whole body changed in just months. The workout program rocks, as well as the nutrition program. Not only do I look better. I feel better."

- Susan A. of Monroe - Top 5, Fall Fit in 45

"The difference at Results Driven Fitness is the Coaches/Trainers, and Nutritionist (yup nutritionist) is they truly care about your all around well being. The coaches work with you to achieve goals both in strength and your eating habits. The entire team and members know everyone by name. 

At the gyms I have belonged to in the past, I was just a member doing what I thought I should be doing, and it didn't work! 

Today I can say I'm stronger, happier with my appearance, and most of all I look forward to seeing the coaches and my workout friends."

- Elaine H. of Monroe - Top 5, Fall Fit in 45

Frequently Asked Questions:

*What does the program cost? 

The early bird price for the 21-Day Shred is $119. This price includes everything listed in the “What’s Included" section above. A $500 value! 

*I have ____ pain; I haven't worked out in ____ (days, months, years), is this safe for me?

YES! You won't find a more thorough fitness system than ours. We understand life happens. Our system is built to be appropriate for ANYONE. 

When does your program start?

The 21-Day Shred officially starts July 25th.  

What are your hours?

We're open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. Most days we're open from 5:45a to 8:30p, with sessions throughout the day. You'll schedule each workout as we go to make sure you get the amount of workouts you need to succeed.

What if I already participated in a challenge?

If you've done a challenge this year, but were unable to join, please contact us to discuss your options.

How many times should I come to be successful?

Attend two classes per week, up to four. Also, attend at least 1 nutrition accountability meeting a week. There's a lot to learn. Look at your schedule and talk to a coach to decide what works best for you.

How do I get started?

To start the program, find a "Sign Me Up" button on this page, fill out the form and expect a Results Driven associate to contact you within 24 hours.

What happens after I sign up for the 21-Day Shred?

You'll schedule a strategy session with a Results Coach. We'll learn more about you and what you want to accomplish, then we'll get started July 11th.

I signed up but I have more questions. How do I contact you?

If, for any reason all of your questions weren't answered, please call us at 845-238-5054 or email rob.resultsdriven@gmail.com.

Is there a dress code?

We encourage you to be yourself. Wear loud pants and shirts. Have fun, but be respectful of other members. Please, nothing too short or too revealing or too vulger. Worst case scenario, we have super comfortable t-shirts for sale!

Do I have to be an RD Member to participate?

No. This is a risk free challenge. There is no long term commitment. For 21 days, experience all RD has to offer. Our hope is that the level of service we provide exceeds your expectations and you decide to join.

What happens after the program?

When the program is over, we'll ask you if you have considered joining. If you have decided to become an RD member, we will discuss what your next goal is and what level of membership will help you achieve it.


13 LAKE ST. MONROE NY, 10950


PHONE: 845-238-5054